VFTB 090: A Conversation With Joe Ortiz

WE CAN lose sight of the forest because of the trees just as easily when we discuss religious doctrine as when we talk politics or sports — maybe even easier, but what we believe dictates the way we live.

Joe Ortiz, veteran journalist, broadcaster, and author of The End Times Passover and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation, reflects on his decades of service as a professional broadcaster and public relations expert, and how those experiences led to and influenced his second career as a traveling evangelist, student of the Bible, and author of two books on end times prophecy.

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  1. In my opinion…

    I have never known a wedding party where a rejected invitation to attend affects the certainty of the event itself.

    Not attending a party does not mean that there is no party to attend.

    Those who believe in and want to attend the rapture will, provided they are ready, be caught up.

    Those who do not believe in and do not want to attend the rapture will, provided they are otherwise ready, not be caught up.

    You are never forced to attend a party you don’t want to attend.

    Those who are not ready at all will not even be called.

    This is why folks who don’t believe in the rapture will never go up in the rapture; and why some folks who do believe in it will never even be called.

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