Conference update

An email from a friend yesterday made it clear that I am remiss in not posting this prominently rather than depending on people hearing the information on VFTB or P.I.D. Radio.  Because of our imminent move from Indiana to Illinois, which takes place the same weekend, I’ve had to withdraw from the lineup of speakers at The Politics of Religion Conference.

At first, I thought Sharon and I would still be able to attend. But it finally dawned on me that starting a new job, closing on a new house, relocating to another state, standing by to unlock the new place for the movers, and then driving seven hours to deliver a coherent presentation was, well, foolish. In fact, while people are at the conference in Fort Wayne, there is a very good chance the movers will be delivering our stuff to the new bunker in Illinois.

In lieu of a live appearance, we’ve recorded segments that are being assembled into a video presentation on the basics of Dominion theology by our good friend Sam Miller of Pathways Media Productions, who will be in Fort Wayne to record the presentations there for later release on DVD.  This is a subject I’m passionate about; Dominionism, because of its appeal to patriotic American Christians, poses a uniquely dangerous threat to the body of Christ.

We’re truly sorry we won’t be there.  With speakers like Russ Dizdar, Dr. Michael “Doctor Future” Bennett, Chris White, Tom Bionic, and Andrew Hoffman, however, the conference promises to be a blessing for those who attend.

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