VFTB 078: Santa Muerte — Mexico’s Mysterious “Saint Death”

A STRANGE cult that worships a Grim Reaper-like figure called Santa Muerte — Saint Death — is spreading northward from Mexico. It’s not well understood by most religious observers, and it’s beliefs and practices are morphing almost right before our eyes. It seems to have special appeal to the downtrodden, desperate — and drug lords.

Tony Kail has been researching religious cultures and spiritual folklore among magico-religious groups for over twenty years. He shares the research he collected for his new book, Santa Muerte: Mexico’s Mysterious Saint of Death.  For more information on Tony and his research, visit www.muertebook.info.

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  1. The first thing that came to mind when he described the mother who drowned her children for a rich man is Susan Smith, that woman from several years ago who did this to her own children for the same reason. Wonder if she was into this?

  2. I’m writing this 10 miles from Reynosa. In this forum, we have the advantage that the entity behind the death cults is exposed in the Revelation, no matter what guise is used in the US or Mexico. Our “last enemy” is death, which is cast into the Lake of Fire, along with the beast, the false prophet, and all those not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

    Those saved by Christ have eternal life with him, no matter what happens temporarily to their bodies. We embrace that to be absent from the flesh is to be present with the Lord, in our spiritual bodies … As Paul explains there is a physical body and a spiritual body.

    The old saw in the US is that no one escapes death nor taxes. Kail points to death being seen as “the great leveler” in Mexico, where rich and poor are treated the same. The sicarios (assassins) of the cartels would no doubt agree.

    http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2011/02/chicas-kalashnikov.html (…or sicarias)

    The cult of death in the US masquerades behind godlessness. The war-machine (or military-industrial complex) is rampant in wars foreign and domestic throughout US history, where Afghanistan is just more of the same. The war god of old is unmasked as death.

    The US was born in the blood of rebellion, baptized in blood during the extermination of the indians, has become a great open gate for legions of demons through the blood of millions of aborted children, and infests the nations with blood-lusts in kind. They’ll reap what they sew (except for grace). No surprise that santa muerte is seen as a “whitey,” la guerita, like the gringos to the north.

    God forgive them through the blood and death of Christ, (just as He forgives us all), who death could not hold. He is risen and ascended, and rules over Heaven as the Lamb Slain, from the very midst of its throne.

    There is no illusion here. The death cults of Mexico’s cartels are tied in with the merchants of death in the US. The black market traffics in arms, drugs, cheap slave labor, laundered money, and the delusions of the damned.

    The death cult in the US is loosed in its computer games and videos. Death metal is the most obvious music in the US that revels in it, along with the Grateful Dead. But life is just as cheap in the Hip Hop gangs in the streets of the US as in the gang battles of Mexico, who raise the orphaned children of the dead.

    Death is legalized more and more in the US. What comes next following unjust wars, abortion, and euthanasia, but elective suicide? How long before the laws are changed that legalize suicide as an accepted life choice — for any reason, such as extended unemployment or chronic depression — with full benefits to business partner survivors? How long before it becomes an honor to fall on one’s sword, rather than cowardice?

    Whether in the form of folk religion or philosophical nihilism, don’t be fooled by the guise. The altars of death are already erected in the ivory walled crypts of America’s class rooms. And the fruit laid on them is our own offspring along with excesses that come from such empty lives.

    The only way to be saved from such a fate and eternal consequences following is through Christ — as the Lamb Slain on the cross for our sins — whose gift is eternal life with Him, who has the keys of death and hell.

    Like Lazarus from the tomb let those called out of the death cults come forth — into the light and life and love of Jesus Christ (Y’shua Messiah).

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