VFTB Live: Mussolini and the Holy Grail / Praying for Christian Broadcasters

Did Il Duce believe he was a Grail King of the bloodline of Jesus Christ? William H. Kennedy discusses his research into “The Mussolini Code”.

We also discuss his theory that the tragic shootings in Tucson last month were a “hit” orchestrated by the Santa Muerte cult.  Bill explains in his article “Satanic Sacrifice at Safeway”.

In the second hour, we welcome back our good friend Michael “Dr. Future” Bennett of the FutureQuake podcast on the Revelations Radio Network. Mike is setting up a prayer gathering outside the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville on February 26th. He shares details of the event and discusses the impact of — and need for — alternative Christian media.

Join us for The Politics of Religion Conference April 1 and 2 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Speakers include Russ Dizdar, Chris Pinto, Dr. Future, Tom Bionic, Chris White, Andrew Hoffman, and Derek Gilbert.

And this summer, Sharon and Derek will present workshops at The Future Congress on Emerging Threats and Challenges 2011 July 22-24 in Branson, Missouri.  Featured speakers include Chuck Missler, Tom and Nita Horn, G. Edward Griffin, Chris Pinto, Gary Stearman, Noah Hutchings, and workshop organizers include the Gilberts, Michael “Dr. Future” Bennett, and filmmaker Rob Skiba.

Come visit the VFTB Facebook page, and check out the great Christian podcasters at the Revelations Radio Network.

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  1. The Unified Theory of Evil

    The rebel angels and their ilk will be what you want to get you away from Christ or keep you away from him (Jesus / Y’shua / Yahshua).

    If you want aliens, heroes, ghosts, gods, patriots, magic, free thought, sports, self-help, whatever-ism, politics, personal liberty, saints, evolution, sex, luck, military might, live-and-let-live, rock-and-roll, money, family first, mom, pie, and baseball, donuts, drugs, tech or whatever. They’ll be that for you to distract you, whether utterly wicked or happily mundane. And that of course includes whatever religious bent one might prefer.

    But they’ll only do enough to snare you in ways that take less effort on their part, such as mainstream entertainment.

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