LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill KennedyWRITING ABOUT the assassination of John F. Kennedy is a small industry, so it’s rare when a book emerges that presents a new perspective on one of the iconic moments of the 20th Century.  Dr. Joseph Farrell has managed to hit that increasingly tiny target.

LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy examines what Dr. Farrell calls the “confluence of interests” that stood to gain from the death of President Kennedy, weaving together familiar elements — the CIA, Texas oilmen, the Mafia, Cuban exiles — with such seemingly disconnected threads as the remnants of the Third Reich, America’s space program — and highly advanced technology that might have been left on the Moon.

It’s a conversation that covers a lot of ground and still only scratches the surface.  For more on Dr. Farrell’s research and writing, see his official website:


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  1. EXCELLENT interview; one I have recommended to several/sundry…. wonder if Showtime or SOME cable without $trings attached will dare to air “Kennedys” the History Channel ‘opted’ out with pressure from Carolyn/Maria Shriver… If you hear Showtime or someone dares to defy the ‘royal’ edict, let your listeners know!
    Bless you for ‘talkin’ the walk!!

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