VFTB Live: Pastor Ian Farnsley — Politics and the Thinking Christian

Ian FarnsleyAS CHRISTIANS seethe at the moral decay spreading through our culture, the temptation builds to impose a legal framework of biblical morality. But by doing so, we risk imposing the kind of theocratic tyranny on others that our forefathers fled when they rejected the authority King James in matters of faith.

So what do we do? Pastor Ian Farnsley, Family Life Minister at Town & Country Christian Church in Shelbyville, Indiana — who drives a car with a bumper sticker that asks, “Have you prayed for a liberal today?” — joins us to discuss the proper balance of politics and faith.

Then, something different for A View From the Bunker in what turns out to be an all-Shelbyville show: local singer/songwriter Bob Rogers performs a pair of original songs about his mother’s home town of New Orleans and how it’s suffered from the dual hammer blows of Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

You can listen to and/or download CD-quality mp3s of “Midnight On The Bayou” and “Cafe Au Lait, Beignets, and Time” by clicking the arrows below:

[wpaudio url=”https://vftb.net/archive/midnightonthebayou.mp3″ text=”Bob Rogers – Midnight On The Bayou”]
[wpaudio url=”https://vftb.net/archive/cafeaulait.mp3″ text=”Bob Rogers – Cafe Au Lait, Beignets, And Time”]

Sharon and Derek will speak at the Supernatural Science and Prophecy Conference October 1 and 2 in Canton, Ohio, along with Tom Horn, Russ Dizdar, and Jeffrey Radt. Details at www.ControlledMinds.com.

The Revelations Radio Network has a new website! Take a look and check out a great group of like-minded Christian podcasters.

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  1. Government is not the answer. Government is the problem.

    Remove government and you will remove just about all problems… war, corporations, corruption.

    I believe we can live in peace and harmony with each other with out government. After all, the Hebrews did for just about 400 years. Once they placed a king, they went down to their final destruction all the time being led by one pagan king right after another.

  2. After listening to this audio file at work (I’m a patrolling security guard) I have to say I believe you should vote your heart regardless of whether or not you may believe it’s being thrown away.

    The bottom line is the vast majority of people do not vote independent simply because they are told voting independent is “throwing away your vote”. If everyone who desired to vote outside of the two party system did so, I’m entirely convinced we would have had quite a few independent presidents and other political leaders.

    I’m a regular listener of both View from the Bunker and P.I.D. radio via download, and I agree with 99% of what you say on the show, but I think gay marriage is a problem we cannot influence by law. At the end of the day marriage is between the person and God. Legalizing gay marriage doesn’t do anything simply because God won’t recognize it as a marriage, only the state will. The issue here isn’t about gay marriage at all, simply whether or not the state has control over being married. If they made it illegal to be married here I would still be married to my wife in God’s eyes, and the gay couple down the road that got hitched 2 weeks prior would still be unmarried.

    Pray for these people, minister to them and if they don’t listen “shake the dust from your sandals”.

    Keep up the Good work

  3. The governments of this world are under the control of Satan (Mat 4:8-10).

    Why do Christians participate with Satan, oopps, I mean government?

    You go to government/Satan to tell you what morality is. What do you expect?

    Come out of her and have no part in her.

  4. Pastor Farnsley I would love to visit your church! That said I have worried and wondered how in the world a Bible believing Christian can vote and feel good about it! I still vote but usually it looks like that old saying the lesser of the 2 evils don’t even exist. It seems the only thing to do is just what Pastor Farnsley said pray before during and after.

  5. Hey All,
    Thanks for the feedback! This is by no means a ‘simple’ subject. I do struggle with my Christianity and my Patriotism. Sometimes, they seem to be at odds. But they must not be! The Apostle Paul used his citizenship to his advantage when he was under arrest (Acts 22:25ff) and I think it’s fitting that we as American Christians use our rights and priveledges as well. Again, the key is to PRAY that God will lead your thoughts and actions, inform yourself the best you can, and do your civic duty; VOTE!
    God Bless!

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