VFTB 052: Sarah Leslie — Discernment Nazis!

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CHRISTIANS WHO oppose dominion theology, the heretical idea that Christ isn’t coming back until we take over the Earth (starting with America, of course), are no better than Nazi collaborators or Communist sympathizers. That’s according to Janet Porter, who made those claims last week in her column at WorldNetDaily and an interview on KFAX radio in San Francisco.

Sarah Leslie of Discernment Ministries was the target of Porter’s hit piece, which is odd considering that Sarah, far from being a closet Christian, is the former head of Iowa Right to Life and a pioneer of the homeschooling movement.

We discussed where dominion theology deviates from scripture, why it’s dangerous, and how Christians should engage and try to change the culture.

Recommended listening: Sarah’s interview with Ingrid Schlueter on the Crosstalk radio program.

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  1. Our prayers are needed for those who believe in this Dominion movement! I’m sure they do not realize they have been hoodwinked by the enemy. Thank You Sarah Leslie for being strong and uncovering this lie from hell.

  2. We seem to be fast approaching the time where warning will not be tolerated. Prayer is our greatest weaapon as eyesofgreen has saaid.

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