VFTB 051: Dr. Future — Pharmakeia and End Times Portals

MOST OF us assume that a portal is a physical gateway. But what if the entrance to another dimension is inside your head?

Dr. Michael Bennett, A/K/A Dr. Future of the Future Quake radio program, tells us about government experiments to find and control supernatural doorways, the kinds of drugs that unlock those doors, and how this may lead to a disturbing end times scenario.

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  1. I started watching a documentary the other day.
    It was halfway through when I started.
    The relatives of suicide victims described the symptoms of the deceased person.
    Not knowing the documentary was about anti-psychotic medicine, I thought it was about demon possession….
    The symptoms was almost the same….
    Can’t wait to listen to this weeks episode.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. As always, a great article and program Derek. I talk about your show all the time.
    God Bless you and Sharon..and Sam

  3. I must say Dr. Bennett has made very clear what is going on with all these mind altering drugs! Also linking it all in with Revelations & wormwood It just blew my mind! I was always told you will know the truth when you hear it I would say this is truth and we as believers need to hear this and pass it along “Thank You” Mike Bennett and Derek for shedding light on a very curious subject.

  4. What happens when a Futurian gets a view from the bunker?
    One heck of a great show!

    This was a real treat to hear the information on your
    pharmacopoeia research in one interview. Much to chew on.

    Dr. Future, you must write a book on this expose!

  5. A doctor once prescribed an anti-depressant for me while going thru menopause. It opened up my mind like a zipper and I began “receiving” messages and visions. I was deceived by another spirit even though I am redeemed. The truth finally came out when a friend asked me if i was taking any prescription drugs..once off of them, all of it stopped. But I was oppressed for awhile. Very dangerous. I have been warning about AD’s ever since.

  6. This is the first I hear of this from Kanaan ministries and yes in the end times we must be alert to deception and false teachings. Great show

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