VFTB 022: Paul and Phillip Collins — The Cult of the Superweapon

H.G. WELLS, Pakistani nuclear physicist A.Q. Khan (father of the Islamic nuke), and Tim LaHaye are all connected through what researchers Paul and Phillip Collins call “the cult of the superweapon”.

Basically, Wells’ idea was that a weapon so devastating that it threatened all life on Earth was just what the world needed to overcome the primitive concept of nationhood and local autonomy, and his beliefs have been transformed into reality over the last century.

Whether you believe that that world or that a single nation should be the controlling legal authority of the “superweapon”, the end result is the same — a one-world government. As Christians, we can’t ignore the prophetic implications.

Check out the Collins’ article Blackmailed By the Bomb: Nuclear Anxiety and the Cult of the Superweapon. The archive of all the Collins brothers’ articles is at the Illuminati Conspiracy Archive.

And don’t forget all of the great Christian podcasters at the Revelations Radio Network.

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