VFTB 3/19/23: Iron and Myth 15 – Answering Ancient Apocalypse

Graham Hancock’s Ancient Apocalypse has been called the most dangerous show on Netflix. Why?

Author and pastor Doug Van Dorn, bestselling author and award-winning screenwriter Brian Godawa, and Director of the Institute of Biblical Anthropology Dr. Judd Burton join us for our monthly Iron and Myth round table to discuss the hit series that’s sent professional archaeologists and the terminally woke into fits.

What could possibly be so dangerous about a series that investigates mysterious megalithic sites that apparently were built by different cultures with no prior history of that type of technology or architecture, and all at around the same time—9600 BC, the end of the last Ice Age, and following a devastating global flood.

Well, for one thing, Hancock proposes that survivors of the Ice Age took knowledge preserved from a superior civilization brought that information to surviving hunter-gatherer cultures around the world, thereby moving the influence of a superior culture—which, in our worldview, was that of the angelic Watchers described in the Book of 1 Enoch—from before the Flood of Noah to after.

Surprisingly, however, Hancock has also received a lot of pushback from progressives who interpret his theory as a racist rewrite of history, assuming that he believes that indigenous people were not able to build megalithic structures like Göbekli Tepe without the help of (presumably light-skinned) foreigners.

We discuss the good and bad in Ancient Apocalypse and how Hancock’s blind spot—his dismissal of the agency of supernatural entities—prevents him from seeing the truth.

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