VFTB 356: Sheila Zilinsky – Power Prayers

January 22, 2017

PRAYER IS the most important weapon Christians have in the spiritual war that’s raging around us. Sheila Zilinsky discusses her new book, co-authored with Carla Butaud, Power Prayers: Warfare that Works. […]

VFTB 355: Scott Clarke – The Revelation 12 Rapture

January 16, 2017

WILL THE Rapture of the Church happen this coming September? Scott Clarke of ERF Ministries thinks so. In this fascinating discussion, Scott makes his case for the Rapture occurring with an astronomical alignment in September of 2017. […]

VFTB 354: Keith Giles – Crucifying Our Politics

January 8, 2017

ALL TOO often, patriotic American Christians conflate God and Country. While the world would be a better place if true Christians were running the show, we can’t fix spiritual problems through politics. […]