VFTB 320: Cris Putnam – The Final Roman Emperor Becomes the Mahdi

June 26, 2016

THE WORLD is heading for a cataclysmic, climactic clash of cultures. Cris Putnam, co-author with Tom Horn of the new book The Final Roman Emperor, the Islamic Antichrist, and the Vatican’s Last Crusade, explains why so many Christians and Muslims are following false prophecies that will inevitably lead to Armageddon. […]

VFTB 319: Dan Goodwin – God’s Final Jubilee

June 5, 2016

When God gave the Law to Moses, He decreed that every 50th year would be a Jubilee. Evangelist Dan Goodwin says the Jubilee is exactly what God has in store when He returns to reclaim title to planet Earth. […]