VFTB 292: Ken Johnson – Islam in Prophecy

December 20, 2015

IT SEEMS odd that Islam, which has expanded since the 7th century to control almost a quarter of the world’s population, would not be mentioned in Bible prophecy. Ken Johnson of www.BibleFacts.org points out that the Bible does, in fact, refer to Islam. […]

VFTB 291: Brian Godawa – Horror and the Thinking Christian

December 13, 2015

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl in Indiana is in custody, charged with stabbing her stepmother to death to please a scary fictional clown called Laughing Jack. What is behind the real-life terror linked to these so-called “creepypastas”? Brian Godawa joins us to discuss horror as a genre of entertainment and whether it is something that Christians can enjoy. […]

VFTB 290: Black Knight Decoded (and Debunked)

December 6, 2015

PEPSI RECENTLY released a slick six-minute film that features the mysterious Black Knight satellite. Frank Johnson of AncientAliensDebunked.com joins us to discuss the Black Knight, UFO lore, and why Pepsi would spend a boatload of money to tell us we’re not alone in the universe. […]