VFTB 260: Carl Teichrib – Transhumanist Religion

July 22, 2015

How does a Transhumanist religion based on science develop a cohesive moral code? Carl Teichrib, founder and editor of Forcing Change, discusses the principles and implications of the Terasem Movement and transhumanist religion in general. […]

VFTB 259: Doug Woodward – Russia’s Nuclear Threat

July 15, 2015

THE THREAT of an Iranian nuclear weapon has dominated American news for months, but the president’s nominee to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff calls Russia to be the biggest threat to the United States. Doug Woodward joins us to talk about his new book Is Russia Destined to Nuke the U.S.? […]

VFTB 258: Dene McGriff – Great Fall of China

July 13, 2015

WHILE THE world watched Greece, the stock market in China collapsed. Dene McGriff draws on 30 years of international ministry and business experience to offer some insight into the wild fluctuations in the Chinese markets, and he makes some common-sense suggestions for how Christians can prepare for the wild ride ahead. […]

VFTB 257: Doug Krieger – Final Babylon

July 8, 2015

THE MORAL attitudes of the United States have changed more quickly in the last ten years than at almost any point in our history. Doug Krieger, co-author of Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist, discusses his belief that present-day America fulfills the description of end-times Babylon in Bible prophecy. […]

VFTB 256: John Haller – Same-Sex Marriage; Now What?

July 5, 2015

THE LEGAL basis for marriage in the United States appears to be “because they want to”. That being the case, where does the line get drawn? Attorney John Haller of Fellowship Bible Chapel in Columbus, Ohio explains the legal, moral, and prophetic implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the definition of marriage. […]

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