IF THE first rule of warfare is knowing one’s enemy, then Christians in the West are woefully unprepared. Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett, author of I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare, joins us to discuss a recent ritual performed by Roman Catholic priests in Mexico–a mass exorcism intended to drive the demons out of the country.Continue Reading

SCIENTISTS HAVE found–not for the first time–blood and soft tissue inside dinosaur bones. How is it that tissue that decomposes in at most 2.7 million years (when frozen) can remain fresh inside 65-75 million year old fossils? Cowboy Bob Sorensen, creator of the Question Evolution Project, joins us to discuss the evidence and some of the logical fallacies of Darwinists.Continue Reading

A RENOWNED Roman Catholic exorcist led a group of priests in an exorcism to drive demons from Mexico — demons that they believe have pulled Mexico into a destructive cycle of drugs and violence. Dr. Michael Lake discusses the existence of territorial spirits, biblical precedents, and the danger in overreaching when dealing with powerful supernatural entities.Continue Reading

THE LESSONS of history are hard won and too easily forgotten. John McTernan, author of As America Has Done to Israel, discusses the parallels between ancient Israel and the America of today — and the price paid by those who fail to learn from the past.Continue Reading

CRITICS HAVE seized on the very public drama of the Duggar family to take shots at homeschooling. John Wilkerson, host of The Wired Homeschool podcast, joins us to discuss the challenges faced by homeschooling families and to offer some constructive advice.Continue Reading