VFTB 213: God’s Super-Apostles

December 28, 2014

IT WILL probably surprise you to learn that apostles and prophets with all the power and authority of their biblical forebears walk the Earth today–or so they would like you to believe.  Holly Pivec discusses a pair of new books she’s co-authored with Dr. R. Douglas Geivett, God’s Super-Apostles and A New Apostolic Reformation? […]

VFTB 212: Keep Calm and Christmas On

December 24, 2014

THE MATTER of Christmas has become rather contentious in recent years. It needn’t be. Christians should not be concerned about accidentally worshiping a pagan deity if they celebrate the birth of the Messiah on December 25. […]

VFTB 211: Lars Walker – Death’s Doors

December 21, 2014

Action! Suspense! A time-traveling Viking! Author Lars Walker joins us to discuss his new novel Death’s Doors, as well as Vikings, political correctness, and limp-wristed Christianity in 21st century America.


VFTB 210: Daniel Duval – Sheep Nations

December 10, 2014

WHEN JESUS returns, he will judge the nations by separating people into “sheep” and “goats”. Daniel Duval is the author of the new book Kingdom Government and the Promise of Sheep Nations. He discusses what a “sheep nation” might look like and, since this would happen after the Rapture, just who might live there. […]

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