Russ Dizdar

A majority of American Christians don’t believe that Satan actually exists. Deliverance minister Russ Dizdar of Shatter the Darkness Ministries begs to differ.Continue Reading

THE APOSTLE Paul wrote that our struggle is not against flesh and blood—that is, fellow humans. So why are monsters that feast on human flesh and blood so popular? Dr. Judd Burton joins us to discuss our culture’s fascination with zombies and vampires.Continue Reading

Derek Gilbert and Cris Putnam at the 2014 Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit

A RECENT study revealed that most American Christians don’t believe the Holy Spirit actually exists. Cris Putnam, author of The Supernatural Worldview, shared evidence that builds a compelling case that there is more to reality than we usually perceive.Continue Reading

Prophecy Forum

THE STUDY of prophecy is, according to some prominent evangelicals, not what Jesus wanted from his followers. We’re joined this week by three very intelligent men — Gary Winkelman, John Haller, and Doug Woodward — who respectfully disagree.Continue Reading

A GROUP of self-anointed “prophets” have gathered quite a following by declaring that God is revealing new things. On the other side of the spectrum, some liberal theologians are reinterpreting scripture and doctrine. Respected Bible scholar Dr. Doug Stauffer explains the difference between progressive revelation and progressive illumination.Continue Reading