VFTB 183: AI and Species Dominance

June 29, 2014

It is likely we’ll see a functional machine intelligence sometime in the 21st century. Dr. Hugo de Garis believes that such a development will inevitably lead to a conflict that could cause the deaths of billions. […]

VFTB at the OPS: Doug Woodward – The Lie of Ancient Aliens

June 24, 2014

COULD THERE have been inhabitants on planet Earth before the creation of Adam? We discuss the possibility with Doug Woodward, author of the book Lying Wonders of the Red Planet: Exposing the Lie of Ancient Aliens. […]

VFTB 182: Supernatural Christianity

June 22, 2014

HOW CAN a group that professes to believe in an all-powerful, eternal creator God be so reluctant to admit that the supernatural realm exists and intrudes on our daily lives? […]

VFTB at the OPS: Terry Cook – Beast Tech

June 18, 2014

ARE YOU ready for your implant? Author and speaker Terry Cook, co-author of Beast Tech, says we may have as little as three years before technology appears that will ultimately link recipients to the government of the Antichrist. […]

VFTB 181: Tech for Prayer

June 15, 2014

TECH CAN be one of the most distracting things in modern life, but it can also be a powerful tool. Logan Fields, a full-time youth pastor from Texas, joins us to explain why he felt led to develop an app to encourage group prayer. […]

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