Glenn Beck

LOVE HIM or hate him, there’s no denying the syndicated radio and Fox News host Glenn Beck, a Mormon, has become the de facto spokesman for conservative Christians in America.  But his “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday shows that his call for political change has morphed into aContinue Reading

TALKING FOR a living takes on extra significance when you’re a follower of Jesus Christ. Al Gross, host of The Al Gross Show on 1010 KXEN in St. Louis and The National Countdown Show, the only countdown show featuring music from the Golden Age of Top40, discusses the challenge ofContinue Reading

Tim Berends

“TAKE AMERICA back!” is a common rallying cry for conservative Christians lately. We’ve met someone who may have the formula, if it’s ever going to happen. Tim Berends is a 40-year radio veteran who’s worked for Billy Graham, the 700 Club, and the Moody Bible Institute.  In 1986, Tim andContinue Reading

Know Thine Enemy

LIKE IT or not, every man, woman, and child on planet Earth is deployed in a spiritual war that’s been ongoing since the Fall. Connie Huft, inspired by her personal confrontation with demons, discusses the world of the paranormal, from angels and demons to ghosts and UFOs, and her book,Continue Reading

Vengeance Is Ours

DURING MY reading on the Dominionist movement this year, I noticed that one book kept popping up in footnotes, cited by researchers studying this heresy. Vengeance Is Ours: The Church In Dominion, published in 1990, was an early warning call to the church about a group of self-appointed, self-anointed apostlesContinue Reading