VFTB Live: Paul & Phillip Collins — The Politics of Dominion

July 31, 2010

THE ELECTION of Barack Obama has prompted a visceral response from conservatives in America.  The tea-party movement has a strong appeal to conservative Christians, who respond to the movement’s call for smaller government that abides […]

VFTB Live: Andrew Strom — Kundalini Warning

July 24, 2010

THE CHURCH has been invaded by false spirits manifesting lying signs and wonders. That’s the message from Andrew Strom, a longtime member of the charismatic movement and author of the new book, Kundalini Warning: Are […]

VFTB Live: Dwayne Lewis & J.B. Thomas — Fallen Angel DNA

July 17, 2010

WHAT IF the mark of the Beast is not a physical mark or implant, but a genetic marker? Minister Dwayne Lewis and J.B. Thomas, Jr., author of F.A.D.N.A.: Mark of the Beast, join Derek to […]

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