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VFTB 213: God’s Super-Apostles

December 28, 2014
IT WILL probably surprise you to learn that apostles and prophets with all the power and authority of their biblical forebears walk the Earth today–or so they would like you to believe.  Holly Pivec discusses a pair of new books she’s co-authored with Dr. R. Douglas Geivett, God’s Super-Apostles and A New Apostolic Reformation? […]

VFTB Live: Mike Lynch & Brandon Barr — American Midnight

October 22, 2010
AUTHORS OF the new political thriller American Midnight, Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr discuss their near-future story of a young woman caught between loyalty to her father, the pastor of a conservative Christian church, and […]

VFTB Live: Connie Huft — Christians and the Paranormal

August 20, 2010
LIKE IT or not, every man, woman, and child on planet Earth is deployed in a spiritual war that’s been ongoing since the Fall. Connie Huft, inspired by her personal confrontation with demons, discusses the […]

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