Richard Burke at Hathor Temple

VFTB 339: Richard Burke – The Ancient World and the Bible

September 25, 2016 Derek 1
THE BIBLE was not written in a vacuum. But most of us read it as if it was. Richard Burke is the author of the Raising Up Pharaoh series of novels. He’s invested some 30,000 hours of research into the ancient world to make his fictional realm believable.


VFTB 338: Jeff Kinley & Joseph Farah – Rocky Mountain Int’l Prophecy Conference

September 21, 2016 Derek 1
OUR SERIES of exclusive interviews recorded at the 2016 Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference continues with a pair of discussions about the role of the church in the last days. This week, we talk with Jeff Kinley, author of Wake the Bride, and Joseph Farah, publisher of and author of the forthcoming book The Restitution of all Things.


VFTB 336: Sharon K. Gilbert & Josh Peck – Rocky Mountain Int’l Prophecy Conference

September 14, 2016 Derek 0
OUR EXCLUSIVE interviews from the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference this week feature two people I see every day: Sharon K. Gilbert discusses her presentation “I Compute, Therefore I AM”, and Josh Peck, who explains why entities that defy the laws of physics are actually transdimensional, not extraterrestrial.


VFTB 335: Ken Stone – ‘Hard to Believe’ Part 2

September 11, 2016 Derek 0
THE GOVERNMENT of China is live harvesting organs from prisoners of conscience–possibly from as many as 100,000 prisoners a year. Ken Stone is the director of the documentary Hard to Believe, and he describes the process and the difficulty of telling this disturbing story in a one-hour film.

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